Private Chef

Choose between services such as an intimate dinner for two, weekly meal prep to feed your whole family, cooking classes to sharpen your skills, as well as large-format celebrations and gatherings with your loved ones.

Private Chef Services

I have been serving my clients as a private chef since 2018 when I started working for The Culinistas, a private chef agency based in NYC, and have been cooking in my client’s homes ever since. I have experience working with high-net-worth households in both NYC and the Hamptons and am open to vacation and travel placements as well. I began my career in the restaurant industry working at Gramercy Tavern which heavily influenced my affinity for seasonality and sustainability. 

My guiding culinary philosophy is that food should be simple and delicious, and I prioritize working with the highest quality ingredients. I know that my clients eat with their eyes first and I put a lot of love and care into the presentation and styling of my dishes; that said, I am not a fan of inedible garnishes and thus plate my food in a way that is both beautiful and also easy to eat. I most recently spent a few months in Rincon, Puerto Rico working as the lead chef for a local cafe while private cheffing for some of the regular clients during my free time.

I am well-versed in both meal preps and dinner parties and can execute any vision that my clients dream up! I love working with a variety of global ingredients and injecting as much flavor as possible into my food. Hospitality is at the heart of everything I do and I am passionate about creating memorable moments around the table and bringing joy to others through food!

Available Service Offerings:

  • Menu Consultations & Recipe Development

*To book any of these services, please click the button above and fill out the form with details about your event and desired menu. I will work closely with you to create a custom culinary experience and discuss pricing based on your specific needs.

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Summer Mezze Menu

The Summer Mezze menu is a client favorite for a reason: perfect for those long summer nights when the sun is setting later and you want to eat dinner al fresco with your friends and family. This dinner features dishes that are prevalent in the Middle Eastern region and are best cooked on the grill (but can be easily adapted to the oven if needed). Each recipe is light yet bursting with flavor which is ideal when the temperature starts to get hot. The beauty of a mezze spread is that each individual component can be enjoyed with everything else on the table so you can mix and build your plate as desired.

As always, this menu is simply a starting point and can be adjusted for any allergy or dietary preferences so please don’t hesitate to inquire!

Yogurt-Marinated Chicken with Tahini Sauce

Tabbouleh-Inspired Marinated Vegetables

Za’atar Cauliflower Steaks with White Beans & Salsa Verde

Mujadara-Style Rice & Lentils with Caramelized Onions

Farmer’s Salad with Zesty Dill Vinaigrette

Seasonal Fruit Tart with Date Crust & Honey Whipped Labneh

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