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Specializing in Food & Travel

I am a freelance writer that focuses on the food and travel space. I love telling stories and sharing knowledge on how the two intersect and am especially passionate about curating food-centric travel guides for some of the amazing destinations I’ve been fortunate enough to visit.


I have always been a passionate writer and find that this medium is where I can best communicate my thoughts and ideas. I took a food writing course that was taught be Devra Ferst, and organized through Archestratus Books, that inspired me to start focusing on this strength and pitching stories to publications that I read and admire.  

Featured Work

You can click through the linked articles below to read through some of my featured work in publications such as Eater and Tasting Table, as well as a piece on my career shift from the finance to the food industry featured in Fortune Mag.


This Woman Went From Goldman Sachs to Blue Apron Recipe Tester. Here’s Why

I was featured in a Fortune interview about what it was like to transition from a job in the financial industry to an entry-level position in the culinary industry as a Recipe Tester at Blue Apron.


The 28 Essential Salt Lake City Restaurants

I lived in Utah for five years and spent much of my free time eating my way around Salt Lake City. I compiled a list of my favorite restaurants into a feature for Eater.
Tasting Table

13 Tips You Need When Cooking With Eggplant

A collection of tips and tricks for cooking with eggplant based on my culinary background and experience.

Tasting Table

11 Best Substitutes For Mascarpone

A list of viable substitutes for mascarpone cheese when you’re cooking and need to swap in a similar ingredient.

The best of writing from the blog….

Best Restaurants in SLC

I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah shortly after graduating from college at American University. Up until this point, I had never given much thought